M&M’s: Maxi & Maitryea!

While I was at the lovely Miss Kaelyn’s photo studio the other day, I saw a pretty girl wearing the coolest tunic dress ever. I will admit, I was eavesdropping when a her friend asked her where she got it and she said that magic word “Maitryea.”

As soon as the shoot was over, I tp’d over and picked one up all for myself. On my way in to the mesh part of the shop, I couldn’t help but notice the “70% off for group members” sticker on a pair of boots that matched the tunic PERFECTLY. And guess what? I just happen to be a group member! Lucky me!!

Maitryea and Maxi collage

Now for the accessories! My new go-to accessory shop for all things fabulous is Maxi Gossamer. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous this jeweled butterfly necklace was. I felt like I could reach out to my screen and touch it. Because this outfit is all about the fabulous, I also had to add the glamourous shades. And no glamour-puss would be seen w/out her boho bag and her very intellectual reading materials which, FYI, is actually the shopping bag that Liv-Glam’s XY Room contribution comes in. No – Lie. Not too shabby huh? ;)

That’s all for now, meet ya’ll back here soon!

Shiloh <3

What am I Wearing?

Skin: Estelle Skin (T3) Apparence Skins & Shapes

Shape: My own

Hair: Lilia (Blood) Truth

Freckles: Ricelli Freckles

Sunglasses: Positano from Maxi Gossamer

Earrings: Kizzy Gypsy Hoops from Maxi Gossamer

Necklace: Jeweled Butterfly from Maxi Gossamer

Outfit: Xarra Tunic from Maitryea

Boots: Radical Boots from Maitryea

Prop & Pose: Le Cube from Bent

P.S. I took some cute pics of me and my bestie with different poses inside this prop because it’s so freakin’ cool! Here’s one of them!

&nbspM & M BFFs.png

Some More XY Room Goodness in the Midst of My Crazy!

I’ve been dealing with an identity crisis in Second Life lately. Wanting to appease my own playful spirit, without rocking the boat too, too much. Fashion blogging allows me to step out of my comfort zone and try on different identities and styles, and the results are way too much fun!

With this outfit, I was going for a younger, hip type of vibe. Many of the items you see here are available at XY Room until the end of August.


I am not normally a bag person, I usually just end up giving myself a black eye when I carry one because my AO is extremely fidgety! However, I couldn’t pass up this beautiful bag from Rivendale.

The colors of the Rivendell Caprice bag compliment the myriad of colors in this sweet mesh dress by Wertina so well, I dubbed it a match made in heaven.


My skin and shape are from Panda Punx. The skin is a little more bold than I usually wear, but I thought it really fit perfectly with the outfit, and the shape was just too cute for words!

Do you sometimes need to step out of the box and try something new? XY Room is the perfect place to get your SL Fashion fix without investing a week’s worth of dough!

What I’m Wearing

Skin and Shape: Panda Punx Treena Shape * Nora Skin for XY Room

Dress: Wertina – Hanna Wildflowers Mesh – for XY Room

Bag: Rivendelle Caprice Bag for XY Room

Jewelry: Ear Candy – Just Breathe, Bangles, Bracelet and Earrings (comes in a nice set!)

Makeup: Kyoot Feline Dark Skin (Wood Smoke) and Fab.Pony Lip Tint – Warm Peach

Eyelashes: Mynerva GG Milnea Fitted Eyelashes

Hair: Truth Audrey in Espresso

Tuesdays is My Total Splurge Day!

Gor Gurls Tribal

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