I Gotta Be Me! My New Year’s Declaration.

I have seen all of the New Year’s Resolution blog posts over the last week and thought I had better get my booty in gear! Although, instead of a New Year’s Resolution, I have decided to instead to have a New Year’s Declaration. A mantra of some sort that I can use throughout the year. My declaration:  “I GOTTA BE ME!”

Gotta Be Me!

Click to see this adorable outfit close up!

No more trying to fit into the neat little confines of what others expect me to be. It’s going to be a tough year of self discovery, but in the end I know it will make me a much happier person.

Who am I? That question is not so easily answered because I am a twisted, tangle of contradictions. Some things are truly me, at my core, and some are ideals that have been thrust upon me. As the year goes on and I peel away the layers I hope that seemingly simple question will be much easier to answer. Stay tuned.



What I’m Wearing

Skin: Mirrors Enigma [:ME:] | Eliza Light Skintone  |SYS-Project January 2012

Hair: LaViere | The Vert CandieMix

Bow: LaViere | Pearl Bow | Old Hair Fair Gift

Outfit: *LpD* | *Princess* Dress Pastel Yellow

Tights and Shoes: DMD | MiniMe Tights and Flats

Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer | White Pearl

Hands: Slink | Elegant Mesh Hands

Pose 1: Frozen | Makeup Poses | The Outlet

Pose 2: Exposeur | Pretty Princess

Tiny Dancer

Well to be fair, the new snow-globe pose/prop from Icons of Style isn’t tiny – it’s big – but that song was stuck in my head the entire time I was shooting these photos. Oh, and it’s available only at XY Room until the December round is over. I was in love with it as soon as I saw it. It has like a bazillion poses (well, not a bazillion but, really it has a bunch!) and is just so beautiful I actually just sat and watched it snow for a while.

Tiny Dancer

The cute outfit is a Winter Fair exclusive from Isis appropriately called “Snow Dancer” it comes with the leotard, mesh over sweater, legwarmers and ballet shoes. It’s so very sweet. The lovely fair skin is a Winter Fair exclusive from Mirror’s Enigma called Nixie (Winter Natural).

Tiny Dancer 2

The Winter Fair had a few hiccups due to some sim problems yesterday but the sim is up and running and filled to the brim with spectacular winter delights!

Happy Shopping!


Shiloh <3

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Mirror’s Enigma | Nixie (Winter Natural) | Winter Fair

Hair: Truth | Astrid

Makeup: Izzie’s | Lipstick Cherry |

Outfit: Isis | Snow Dancer | Winter Fair

Pose: Icons of Style | SnowGlobe | XY Room

Location: Kittens Heaven

Boho Culture Fair: Like a Daydream

With all of the chaos in my life over the last year 1/2, I have drifted away from my musical roots. Perhaps if I’d clung to them a little more tightly, the turmoil would have been less damaging. But… I digress. A friend and fellow blogger, Billy, has helped me rediscover my passion for music and naturally it is flowing over into my little creative space here.


When choosing the song to compliment this outfit, I couldn’t help but go for a more 60’s vibe with a modern twist. Kind of like the outfit itself. Mirror Enigma did a lovely job on the dress and boots, creating lovely textures and shading that compliment the mesh modeling perfectly. The Step-Inside skin is just sweet. I fell in love with it instantly and with a touch of S U G A R’s blush, it gave me the apple cheeked, glowing look I was going for.  The skin and the outfit are both available at the Boho Culture Fair going on right now. The adorable dog tags from Maxi Gossamer are available at the CINEMA event, also happening as we speak!


Now, for the music…

Like a Daydream ~ Ride

The way your hair hangs down it hides away your face,
For you it’s perfect, but it seems like such a waste.
And when I see you sliding past I make my plans,
And then my plans slip through my fingers just like sand.

I wish that life could be just like a photograph,
One moment captured as you laugh your perfect laugh.
But that’s a daydream, things could never be so right,
There’s so much more to think about than black and white.

Sit back, have a listen to some shoegazer tunes and dream with me a while, won’t you?

What I’m Wearing

Skin: Step inSide | Fiete Boho Edition Normal w/Boho Makeup Caramel | Boho Culture Fair

Hair: Truth | Uma in Barbie

Blush: S U G A R | Blush 2

Outfit: Mirrors Enigma | Bohemian Dress in Heather w/Ripped Style Skinny Jeans in Heather | Boho Culture Fair

Boots: Mirrors Enigma | Cowboy Boots in Heather

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Dog Tags Peaceful Love | CINEMA

Lashes: Glow Studio | Bohemia Messy Lashes

Headband: Eyelure | Pink Daisies Headband

Poses: Picture Me Pretty | Love Me