12 Days of Lingerie Day 4: Bunneh!

Hey howdy hey! I’m Whiskey Day, and I’ll be guest blogging here for Shiloh! I’m going to try to behave myself here since I’m a guest, but anyone who knows me can tell you, that’s tough for me.

Since this is a blog about Second Life Fashion, it’s only right to include some furry fashion here. There are tons of full time furries in Second Life and many folks who just slip into a furry suit every now and then for fun.  And it is fun! If you’ve never been a furry inworld, why not? Being a furry can bring a different kind of fun into your second life. If you’re not having fun, then you’re not doing it right!

For the 12 Days of Lingerie Challenge, I’ve chosen to show off a set of my all-time favorite delicates, from Zaara. I love the deep red, love the black details and adore the perfectly crisp edges. All too often, lingerie edges blur into the skin and look weird. But this set is perfect all the way around. The Kanti set from Zaara is available at the SL Marketplace, but I recommend you go to the mainstore to shop, as it’s a lovely build and a good idea to support inworld shopping when you can.

I’ll be posting regularly here at the Unapologetic Second Life Fashion Blog, and I’ll be focusing on Second Life Fashion for furries. Furry avatars face special challenges when it comes to fit. Modifications of prim parts are almost always necessary. I’ll talk about what works for me, and what doesn’t.

Which furry avatar do you wear in Second Life?  What problems have you face when getting dressed? I’d love to hear!

What I’m Wearing:

 Avatar: Sundae Bunneh from Lost Furest

Hair: Cherry from Exile

Lingerie: Kanti in Crimson from Zaara

Shoes: Baby T’s from Pixel Mode

Now That’s What I Call Second Life Fashion: Mesh for Men!

Step Aside Ladies, it’s the Men’s Turn!

So last post we talked about mesh and how it is affecting Second Life fashion for women. Now let’s hear from the men! Jake and Shiloh went on an extensive hunt for some fine mesh men’s fashion and while there were not as many options, they were not disappointed! It seems that men have an easier time with mesh fashions, simply because they don’t really have the “curves” that make designing for women so darn difficult! The only problem is, there are far fewer men’s designers so there you go girls, we’re lucky!

Second Life Fashion - Men's Mesh

The jacket and shirt are a mesh creation from none other than [horenbeek], a staple on the Second Life fashion scene. This look makes for the perfect business casual look. Professional but still kinda sexy in a young professor kind of way, don’t you think? As you can see in the photo below, the quality of the design and the texturing is so incredible, you feel like you can really reach out and feel the cording of the mesh. Mmmmm, delicious! Makes me wonder if perhaps Shiloh purposely forgets her homework just so she has to make it up after class. Bad girl!

Second Life Fashion - Men's Mesh

I’m anxious to hear from both sides of the fence, men and women. What do you think of mesh and how does it affect Second Life fashion? What are your favorite places to hunt for these mesh goodies?

Talk to you soon!



What Are They Wearing?

Skin: Mark Goatie2 Eyeliner Normal Haired LaVie

Hair: Radiant M05 (Midnight) LaQ

Shirt: Mesh Corduroy Jacket and Shirt [horenbeek]

Jeans: 841 Dark Dirty Wash with rolled cuff sculpts INDI

Boots: Biker Boots (Night) Redgrave

Let’s Talk About Mesh Baby…

Second Life Fashion - Mesh

So when I decided to start my new second life fashion blog, it was because I wanted to voice my opinion in the whole Second Life mesh hoopla. I said to myself “self, I know you are not the only … Continue reading